Nature-based Solutions Task Forces

There is a growing portfolio of EU Horizon Europe projects that focus on Nature-Based Solutions (NbS). These projects work together on a number of shared topics, including sustainable urban development, social cohesion, public health, water and climate resilience, disaster risk reduction and more. Collaboration between projects is managed through NbS Task Forces. NetworkNature supports and helps to facilitate the various NbS Task Force groups, which can be accessed below.

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NbS Task Forces Welcome Package

Summary information about NetworkNature, its pathways for impact and role in supporting the NbS Task Forces can be found in the Welcome Package document - available below. The Welcome Package includes an overview of each Task Force's objectives and key activities, as well as responses to frequently asked questions.


NN Labs

NN Labs are four – step open calls that aim to promote and facilitate the development of new activities, initiatives, tools, standards, guidelines, publications, materials, etc in relation to NbS within the NbS Task Forces. These concrete outputs would count on the support of the NetworkNature TFs Operational Fund for their implementation. NN Labs promote cross-TF collaboration and unlock the participation of new partners to TFs. These calls will facilitate the elaboration of outputs shaped and defined by real interest. This ensures that every contribution is backed by genuine dedication, guaranteeing meaningful and impactful outputs. Find out more.

NetworkNature Digest March 2024

In the first Digest from the NetworkNature+ project we share an update from the Task Forces including what they’ll be working on over the next few months.


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Read the July 2023 Digest featuring a celebration of all of the taskforces’s achievements over the previous three years! 

Read the December 2022 Digest featuring: nature-based solutions updates from the Business and Nature Summit, Global Forum on Technology, Sustainability and Humanity, COP27 and COP15; an Introduction to the WaterLANDS Project; the MERLIN Innovation Awards; Task Force updates, a member profile and much more.

Read the July 2022 Digest featuring: an update from the European Commission; an invitation to the annual NetworkNature event; a task force member profile; individual task force updates; news about collaborative initiatives and more.

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Taskforce Meeting March 2024 

The NetworkNature Tasks Forces (TFs) Cluster Meeting took place virtually on March the 20th, 2024 and gathered more than 142 participants, from Task Forces members and prospective members, NetworkNature, the European Commission as well as new NbS projects representatives. The focus of the meeting was on standardisation.

Download our meeting report for a summary of the event. 

Taskforce Meeting June 2023 On 7 June 2023 the Taskforce Cluster Meeting brought together more than 85 participants, representing all Taskforces, several EU NbS projects, and stakeholders from NetworkNature and the European Commission (European Research Executive Agency and DG Research & Innovation). Download our meeting report


Taskforce Meeting March 2023 - The Horizon 2020 Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Taskforce Meeting brought together more than 80 participants to network, collaborate and share knowledge. The meeting included interactive group discussions, a panel discussion and a forward-looking session, outlining the objectives and additions of NetworkNature+. Download our meeting report for a summary of the event. 


Taskforce Meeting January 2022 - The Horizon 2020 Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Taskforce Meeting brought together 120 participants to network, collaborate and share knowledge. Download our meeting report for a summary of the event. 


Taskforce Meeting September 2022 - On 28 September 2022 in Brussels, the Horizon 2020 Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Taskforce Meeting brought together 75  participants to network, collaborate and share knowledge.  Download our meeting report for a summary of the event. 


Taskforce meeting  May 2021 - The 2nd NetworkNature Taskforces Cluster meeting was held virtually on 31st May 2021. It brought together Taskforce members, NetworkNature, and the European Commission (REA and DG R&I) for an interactive dialogue to take stock of achievements to date and to strengthen synergies and exchange to further increase the impact that the EU nature-based solutions projects create. Download our meeting report for a summary of the event.


Taskforce meeting  October 2020 - The first the NetworkNature Taskforce Cluster meeting was held virtually on 27th October 2020. It was organised by NetworkNature, European Commission EASME (now REA) and European Commission DG Research and Innovation. Taskforces discussed their strategic plans and upcoming activities and explored new ideas for future cooperation. New Horizon 2020 nature-based solutions projects introduced themselves. Panellists from different walks shared their perspective on how the Taskforces contribute to generating opportunities for implementing nature-based solutions across Europe.  Download our meeting report for a summary of the event

NBS Task Force

Task Force 1: Data and Knowledge Sharing

Task Force 1 is a community for people in the field of data and knowledge sharing. Its overarching purpose is to support delivery of the European Research and Innovation Roadmap for Nature-based Solutions, specifically focussing on the first strategic action area for transdisciplinary research: “Advancing NbS knowledge and data on NbS”.

NBS Task Force

Task Force 2: Integrated Assessment Framework

Task Force 2 will enable all NbS projects funded under Horizon Europe to collaborate on demonstrating the multiple benefits of NbS, using a coherent and integrated assessment framework based on common indicators. The projects develop and implement their own methodologies for assessing effectiveness of NbS within this framework.

NBS Task Force

Task Force 3: Finance and Business Models (for NbS) in a Nature-Positive Economy

Task Force 3 will promote the systemic integration of NbS into sustainable urban and land planning and management, adopting a co-management, co-design, co-development and co-implementation; and create new business opportunities, growth and jobs, and contribute to the development of a green economy, shifting public and private investments from conventional to nature-based or effective combinations of nature/grey solutions to societal challenges.
Selected outputs:
Title Upload date Description Download
Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions: a handbook for practitioners
24 May 2022 The Handbook aims to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive NBS impact assessment framework, and a robust set of indicators and methodologies to assess impacts of nature-based solutions across 12 societal challenge areas: Climate Resilience; Water Management; Natural and Climate Hazards; Green Space Management; Biodiversity; Air Quality; Place Regeneration; Knowledge and Social Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transformation; Participatory Planning and Governance; Social Justice and Social Cohesion; Health and Well-being; New Economic Opportunities and Green Jobs. Weblink:
WS 2 - Nature-based economy
Title Upload date Description Download
Expert publication of public procurement for Nature-based solutions
24 May 2022
Publication: The vital role of nature-based solutions in a nature positive economy
24 May 2022 This report is a first step in addressing knowledge gaps in the potential economic benefits of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and the challenges facing Nature Based Enterprises (NBE). Based on extensive consultations, we profile some of the economic activities where NBE are engaged in the delivery of NBS – generating new jobs and skills, innovations, and wider economic impacts through a nature-based approach that respects the needs of the environment and communities. Weblink:
WS 3 - essential elements of an NBS business case
Title Upload date Description Download
State of the Art and Latest Advances in Exploring Business Models for Nature-Based Solutions.
20 Apr 2021 Mayor B, Toxopeus H, McQuaid S, Croci E, Lucchitta B, Reddy SE, Egusquiza A, Altamirano MA, Trumbic T, Tuerk A, García G, Feliu E, Malandrino C, Schante J, Jensen A, López Gunn E. State of the Art and Latest Advances in Exploring Business Models for Nature-Based Solutions. Sustainability. 2021; 13(13):7413. available at:

NBS Task Force

Task Force 4: NbS Communicators

NbS Communicators synergises communication efforts of Horizon-funded nature-based solutions projects’ work, and establishes connections with international actors and the European Union to communicate and disseminate the latest developments in the nature-based solutions field. The Task Force work centres around building avenues for  collaboration in the form of joint messaging, events and communications campaigns to ensure visibility. The Task Force also builds capacity of communicators through knowledge sharing and training.

NBS Task Force

Task Force 5: NbS Education

The Taskforce for NbS Education will cultivate an environmentally conscious and empowered community of educators to develop approaches and material for this developing area. By fostering collaboration, providing resources, and advocating for policy change, the taskforce seeks to transform education into a powerful force for positive environmental action, ensuring a more sustainable and harmonious future.

NBS Task Force

Task Force 6: Co-creation and Governance

Task Force 6 focuses on co-creation for nature-based solutions, which involves engaging citizens and stakeholders in assessing problems and issues, designing nature-based solutions, implementing them and monitoring their impact. The scope of the work of the Task Force extends to urban, peri-urban and rural areas. The Task Force will improve and promote co-creation and co-governance, including these two paradigms in current spatial planning practices for inclusive nature-based regeneration. It aims to co-develop joint guidelines on co-creation of nature-based solutions, promote the concept to the wider audience of stakeholders engaging in NbS, and support the greening of urban and peri-urban areas. TF6 has provided feedback to the Urban Green Plans, as included in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, and corresponding guidance developed by DG Environment of the European Commission.