Task Force 6 focuses on co-creation for nature-based solutions, which involves engaging citizens and stakeholders in assessing problems and issues, designing nature-based solutions, implementing them and monitoring their impact.

Objectives: Task Force 6 aims to improve and promote co-creation, including in spatial planning, for inclusive nature-based regeneration. It aims to co-develop joint guidelines on co-creation of nature-based solutions, and promote the concept to the wider audience of stakeholders engaging in NBS. It includes a focus on spatial planning.

Key activities for 2021: Task Force 6 incorporates several working clusters that are led by, contributed to, and reviewed by representatives of different projects. These clusters are:

  • NBS introduction – to frame the topic of co-creation for NBS

  • Co-creation for/with who

  • Co-governance and policies

  • Co-creation good practice and resources

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Each cluster will agree the definition of their topic; define their agenda and timing; identify output formats for their work, such as videos, webinars, posters; and consider links with ongoing work in the projects. The outputs from the cluster will be made available in a wiki format as well as communicated in other forms as determined by the clusters. Due to the focus on spatial planning, the Task Force coordinates with Task Force 3 to avoid overlap and duplication.