Nature-based solutions knowledge databases

Nature-based solutions knowledge gaps databaseNature-based solutions knowledge gaps database

Explore the nature-based knowledge gap analysis below to help identify future avenues for research. The knowledge gap database compiles an evidence base for nature-based solutions, to support defining research and innovation avenues, bolster policy and practitioners’ knowledge and knowledge-implementation. The database gathers 'gaps' collected through desk study and online consultations from August to October 2021.

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Database of EU research and innovation projects on nature-based solutionsDatabase of EU research and innovation projects on nature-based solutions

This database gathers European R&I projects on NbS from several major European research and innovation or implementation programmes: BiodivERsA, Horizon 2020, Seventh framework programme (FP7), Interreg and LIFE (EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action) over the years 2011–2021.

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Nature-based solutions knowledge databaseNature-based solutions knowledge database

NetworkNature has mapped European research, policy, projects and market-based tools for Nature-based Solutions (NbS); and in parallel has also identified relevant international resources. These tools and resources are collated in the NbS Knowledge Database, which enables tools to be uniquely searched based on criteria relating to global academia and projects, policy and market-based factors.

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