Task Force 1: Data and Knowledge Sharing

Task Force 1 is a community for people in the field of data and knowledge sharing.

Its overarching purpose is to support delivery of the European Research and Innovation Roadmap for Nature-based Solutions, specifically focussing on the first strategic action area for transdisciplinary research: “Advancing NbS knowledge and data on NbS”.

Although focused on data, Task Force 1 is open to anyone with an interest in knowledge-sharing and you don't need a technical background in order to join and play an active role.


  • Facilitate the development of data standards for priority NbS indicators
  • Assist the EU Repository of NbS (Oppla) by supporting ongoing development of a shared case study template and API
  • Help to increase the skills and capacity of NbS projects in relation to data and knowledge sharing
  • Collaborate with the BioAgora project (and others) in helping to meet EU policy needs for data on NbS and biodiversity


The Task Force 1 workplan is a 'living document' and open to comment at any time. Click here to view the workplan.