The Taskforce for NBS Education will cultivate an environmentally conscious and empowered community of educators to develop approaches and material for this developing area. By fostering collaboration, providing resources, and advocating for policy change, the taskforce seeks to transform education into a powerful force for positive environmental action, ensuring a more sustainable and harmonious future.


  • Community Engagement and Outreach: Organise outreach programs, workshops, and events to involve members and the wider community in hands-on experiences that showcase the positive impact of nature-based solutions. This will involve the establishment of partnerships with colleges, schools, community organizations, and environmental agencies to promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of nature-based solutions.
  • Integration of Nature-Based Solutions in Education: Develop comprehensive educational frameworks that seamlessly integrate nature-based solutions into existing curricula across various academic disciplines. Promote interdisciplinary learning experiences that highlight the interconnectedness of ecosystems and emphasise the role of nature in addressing global challenges.
  • Creation of Engaging Learning Resources: Produce innovative and interactive educational materials, including lesson plans, multimedia content, and hands-on activities, to engage students in the exploration of nature-based solutions.