NetworkNature Nordic hub

The NetworkNature Nordic hub is a gathering place for all those who work with nature-based solutions in the Nordic region. It is a platform where we exchange contacts and share the knowledge, we gain about implementing nature-based solutions in our part of the world. Also, we post Nordic cases on the Case Study Finder page, so you can see different examples of nature-based solutions in the Nordic region. Occasionally, the Nordic hub will also facilitate events and webinars. The Nordic hub is administered by Jóna Ólavsdóttir, coordinator of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Nature-based solutions programme in the Nordic region.

Public posts

NetworkNature Nordic Hub webinar: “Nature-based solutions at the climate-biodiversity-health nexus.”

Date: 12th of March, 13.00 CET. 

In this NetworkNature Nordic Hub webinar Carolina Rodriguez and Pauline Rebouillat from Lund University will present the "Nature-based solutions at the climate-biodiversity-health nexus" project. They will describe the process, such as working interdisciplinarity and share some insights on Nature-based solutions within the biodiversity, climate change, human health nexus. 

About the project:

More Nature - Less Waste

When you transport branches from the garden to the recycling center, it's considered waste.

If you instead use the branches to create a fence, it becomes a part of nature.
When we build brush fences several positive things happen.

Learn more about how to create more nature and less waste in the video below.

Webinar: Synergies between Biodiversity and Climate

NetworkNature Nordic Hub is excited to invite you to a webinar focused on synergies between biodiversity and climate.

Rikke Fischer-Bogason from NORION will present findings from the Nordic report Synergies between climate and biodiversity objectives in laws, policies, and management practices and Line Johanne Barkved from NIVA will present the S-UMMATION report where pilot projects with a special focus on synergies between biodiversity and climate will be presented.

Cities for biodiversity

We call you to a conference focused on biodiversity in northern cities – assessing biodiversity and the potential to strengthen it and how to go about it. The conference is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and arranged by Ekoparken Association in cooperation with World Wildlife Foundation in Sweden and the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Research supports the contention that cities are harbors for many species. What responsibility do we have to save and strengthen the biodiversity of our urban areas?

Renosyd wins the Danish Waste Association's Sustainable Development Goals Award 2023!

At the recent annual meeting in Danish Waste Association, our pilot project, "More Nature – Less Waste," was awarded with the Danish Waste Association's Sustainable Development Goals Award 2023. This innovative initiative focuses on creating brush fences to effectively reduce garden waste, sequester CO2, and enhance biodiversity. The waste management method has been recognized as a local and integrated infrastructure solution, promoting collaboration with citizens and institutions.

Policy advice on NBS in A-DVICE

The A-DVICE project led by Norsk institutt for vannforskning (NIVA) will provide advice for policy development to implement, mainstream and upscale nature-based solutions in the Nordics. 

This is the third of five projects in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ NBS programme.

The project was kicked off in late April with a meeting attended by representatives from the NBS programme steering committee and contact person, as well as the team representing all the project partners.