Sustainable financing of Forest and Landscape Restoration

Ryan Stone,Unsplash
20 September 2021

The FAO e-learning on Sustainable financing of forest and landscape restoration (FLR) is now available in French.
To meet countries’ national commitments to restoring degraded landscapes, adequate public and private investments are needed to support the different steps of the FLR cycle. Financing sources are more efficient when used in a coordinated way.​  The course aims to strengthen the ability of participants to analyze FLR financial needs and opportunities and make them more effective at securing and managing funding for their projects and interventions.

The course will examine the cost and benefits of FLR, barriers to accessing financing, the different types of FLR investors and their priorities, and how to create an enabling environment for restoration and so on.

This course is designed for a range of stakeholders with an interest in forest and landscape restoration, including practitioners and policy makers from: 

  • International and regional organizations and donors;​ 
  • National governments;​ 
  • Private sector;​ 
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and​ 
  • Research institutes and universities.

More information on the course here.