Pilot Project: More Nature - Less Waste

The aim is to combat waste, reduce CO2 emissions and improve biodiversity in urban areas.

One of the eight pilot projects that have received funding from our programme is the Danish project “More Nature - Less Waste” lead by Renosyd. They have set out to build 21 fences in Denmark in collaboration with local schools in two municipalities.

A brush fence is a fence where you knock poles into the ground in two rows and in between fill up with branches from the garden. It creates living conditions for insects and small animals, and it reduces the amount of garden waste that would otherwise have to be transported and processed into compost by the waste companies.

Beate Strandberg, a senior researcher at Aarhus University, will follow the 21 brush fences. About her studies of a 30-year-old brush fence, she says:
“Blackbirds and wren live in the fence. The same goes for shrews and red mice, several species of bumble bee tree bucks, large goat hamsters, millipedes, spiders, beetles and several other insect species. We also expect to see hedgehogs and maybe lizards and steelworms.”

The project has received 720,000 Danish kroner from this Nordic Council of Ministers' programme. According to Rikke Edbjerg from Renosyd, the funds from Nature-based Solutions in the Nordic Region are crucial for the project to become a reality.

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Photo: Per Bille