NetworkNature will highlight a timely topic in the nature-based solutions field with its semestral themes, identified in consultation with the nature-based solutions community. Each semester NetworkNature will focus on a specific theme, gathering and disseminating information from a wide range of stakeholders to raise awareness and increase knowledge and collaboration in relation to the chosen topic. Further NetworkNature will attend  relevant events locally and internationally to raise awareness about the topic and promote work and research conducted.

The first semester theme running from March to July 2021 is `Nature-based solutions in light of the pandemic‘. Taking nature into consideration as not merely the cause of- but rather as a solution to – the pandemic is crucial to help us support well-being during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to prevent future ones. During this semester NetworkNature will explore just how nature-based solutions interact with health in various spheres:




  • The possibilities to curtail pandemics with biodiversity-driven nature-based solutions acting as buffers for food-and waterborne diseases and zoonoses.
  • The relation between nature-based solutions and human- and ecosystem well-being.
  • The interlinkages between nature-based solutions and socio-economic recovery post COVID-19 pandemic.

The semester will take into consideration the role nature-based solutions play in various phases of the pandemic, especially exploring how nature-based solutions can protect and restore degraded ecosystems, help address the disconnect between humans and nature, and increase understanding and respect towards nature.

The second semester theme running from September 2021 to January 2021, will delve into Ecosystem Restoration, a crucial topic with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration commencing this summer, and shaping a sustainable future for us for years to come.