The NetworkNature Semester on Nature-based solutions and Standards Final Output Report

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are locally adapted, cost- and resource-efficient, systemic interventions, which can simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and build resilience to climate change. As such they have a real and transformative potential to address the two-fold planetary emergency of climate change and biodiversity loss, while positively affecting human health and societal well-being. However, to realise their transformative potential of NbS, their practical implementation must be accelerated and the evidence-base of NbS outcomes and impacts must be further strengthened. As implementation efforts accelerate, it also becomes more important to ensure that implemented NbS interventions set high-quality standards for their own operations and for future projects. The latest Network Nature semester on “NbS and Standards'' focused on better understanding what high-quality NbS means in practice and how quality principles and criteria can be translated into universally applicable standards. This final report collects all the results and work done during the semester from the hand of Dora Almassy and Efren Feliu.