Nature-based solutions are a safe and sound investment

11 January 2022

Nature-based solutions are a quick and cost-effective way to transform our surroundings to become more sustainable and will be a key element in building more resilient and healthy societies. They are a safe and sound investment as case studies from Bologna, Glasgow, Copenhagen and Hamburg prove in a newly launched report  `Investing in a Green Urban Future‘ by Nature^Squared.

The environmental impacts of urban areas are dire – cities account for 75% of resource use, but also pradoxically are among those most vulnerable to climate change impacts, with 70% confronted with the effects. Nature-based solutions can offer a path to help build resilience and mitigate impacts of cities.

Image: Bologna case-study

The report showcases innovative and functional financing mechanisms for implementing nature-based solutions through the case-studies. They entail increasing the value of real estate and land, to improving public health and decreasing health care costs, to marketing purposes. Further the report covers various financing mechanisms and instruments that can be utilised to implement nature-based solutions.

Learn how you can introduce green roofs, green gardens, trees in innercities and capture storm water in your city! Explore the report here.