INTERLACE: restoring nature in cities across Europe and Latin America

Envigado, Colombia
5 March 2021

INTERLACE is a new four-year project supporting actions to restore, rehabilitate and (re)connect urban ecosystems. 

A total of six cities across Europe and Latin America are participating in INTERLACE: Granollers (Spain), Envigado (Colombia), Portoviejo (Ecuador), Chemnitz (Germany), Metropolia Krakowska (Poland) and Corredor Biológico Interurbano Río María Aguilar-San José (Costa Rica).

The European Commission has provided €5 million funding to help these cities collaborate in using using nature-based solutions to help solve challenges in relation to climate change, public health and wellbeing, economic development, wildlife conservation and more.


Ecological systems as part of complex, integrated systems in which humans and nature are intrinsically linked. INTERLACE embraces this complexity through its ‘Nature-Places-People’ concept. This approach emphasises not only ecosystem connectivity, but a much broader connectivity of natural and social processes and places.

Guided by this central concept, the INTERLACE project will foster the development of nature-based solutions that:

  • Allow nature and biodiversity to thrive through the creation of new green areas and the recovery of degraded ecosystems.
  • Cultivate shared places for dialogue and exchange between urban, peri-urban and rural populations and administrations.
  • Strengthen connectedness between people in urban settings - both to one another and to their natural environment

Agile co-production process

Creating fit-for-purpose solutions in cities is highly challenging and requires effective cooperation between many different stakeholders.

INTERLACE is using an agile co-production process to develop its tools, approaches and guidance and to increase their relevance and impact. To this end, local knowledge brokers and city partners will jointly oversee the co-production processes in each city and invite further beneficiaries to provide feedback, knowledge and new perspectives. This approach will also accommodate any new demands that emerge during the project - remaining "agile" throughout its four year duration.

Sandra Naumann, INTERLACE project coordinator, says: “Urban areas across the globe are facing challenges such as urban sprawl, climate change and pollution. Through INTERLACE, we will demonstrate that restoring green areas and implementing nature-based solutions can help address shared challenges whilst providing wider benefits for society, the environment and the economy.”

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