IFLA Europe Rural Landscapes photo competition

2 February 2022

IFLA EUROPE Agricultural Landscapes Working Group is launching as open call for images both acknowledging and mapping traditional landscapes across Europe. This competition contributes to making a European inventory of agricultural heritage systems aligned with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation/Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (UN FAO/GUAHS) guidelines http://www.fao.org/giahs/become-a-giahs/selection-criteria-and-action-plan/en/;

Agricultural Landscapes take up 39% of European lands, allowing human interaction with nature and create an extensive ’green infrastructure’ when cultivated sustainably.
Yet, these landscapes do not receive the ontological planning and design they deserve. Landscape architects are committed to take action towards their recognition as productive important producers of ecosystem services and valuable recreational areas.

IFLA Europe Agricultural Landscape Working group invites both professionals and non-professionals to submit images of the ‘idealised’ but also everyday agricultural landscapes to include as many stake holders as possible. Images need to represent the main characteristics of the traditional agricultural / forestry / livestock landscape and seascape. 

Participants from over Europe are asked to submit a photograph (at least 300 dpi) showing the main characteristics of their chose agricultural land/seascape, a cultivating/producing technique must be briefly described (max 300 words), and the relation between local community and landscape.