Announcement: BiodivNBS - A New Transnational Joint Research Call on Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity, Human Well-being, and Transformative Change

Unsplash – Tommy Kwak: maisons brunes et blanches sur le champ d'herbe verte pendant la journée
22 August 2023

Biodiversa+, the European Biodiversity Partnership under Horizon Europe, is thrilled to
unveil its upcoming initiative: the BiodivNBS research call. This transnational joint research
call focuses on Nature-based solutions for enhancing biodiversity, human well-being, and
driving transformative change. We are excited to contribute to the advancement of
understanding, implementation, and impact of Nature-based Solutions across various
ecosystems and sectors.


This call aims to facilitate comprehensive research on the delicate interplay
between biodiversity, human well-being, and transformative change through Nature-based
solutions. It will delve into the underlying mechanisms, tipping points, trade-offs, and
successful implementation strategies. The call addresses three key research themes:

  • Synergies and trade-offs of Nature-based solutions in the context of human well-being
  • Nature-based solutions mitigating anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity loss
  • The contribution of Nature-based solutions for just transformative change

The call will cover transnational, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral
research on Nature-based Solutions
in all parts of the world. All realms (i.e. terrestrial,
marine, coastal, and freshwater) will be eligible.

Key Dates:

  • Call Launch: The BiodivNBS call is scheduled to be officially launched on September 11, 2023.
  •  Pre-proposals Submission Deadline: The initial phase of the application process will close in early November 2023.
  • Full Proposals Deadline: After evaluating pre-proposals, the deadline for submitting full proposals is set for early April 2024.

Submission Process:

Proposals, exclusively in English, should be submitted electronically.
Instructions pertaining to submission, eligibility, evaluation criteria, and other pertinent
details will be made available alongside the official call announcement in early September

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