2023 EU Mission Calls: New funding opportunities for Nature-based Solutions Research and Innovation

Guy Bowden Unsplash
23 January 2023

The European Commission is now launching new calls to support research and innovation for its 5 EU Missions – Adaptation to Climate Change, Cancer, Restore our Ocean and Waters, Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and A Soil Deal for Europe – worth over €600 million. Since February 2021, the European Commission has set out to have a clear strategy on climate change adaptation - one which prioritises climate resilience by 2050. Recently, during EU Missions Info Day, Mission Adaptation presented five calls, which present a funding opportunity for nature-based solutions.

In 2023, the Mission is supporting testing and development for solutions that address one or more systems mentioned in the Mission Implementation plan as key for climate resilience building. The selection will aim to build a balanced portfolio of solutions to address climate risks in different EU regions. Topic proposals under the mission should demonstrate a credible pathway to climate change adaptation in Europe and should be participatory in nature.

Explore the following EU Mission Calls with potential relevance to nature-based solutions:

  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-01: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions increasing climate resilience of the agriculture and/or forestry sector – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-02: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure from climate change, mainstreaming nature-based solutions – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-03: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to build resilience towards health risks caused by the effects of climate change – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023

Joint calls

Mission Ocean and Waters

  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-OCEAN-01-03: Atlantic and Arctic sea basin lighthouse – Addressing climate change and human activities threats to marine biodiversity – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-OCEAN-01-04: European natural lakes: demonstration of integrated approaches for protection and restoration of natural lake ecosystems and their biodiversity – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-OCEAN-01-02: Danube river basin lighthouse – Demonstration of effective and sustainable management of sediments in the Danube river-Black sea system – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023

Mission Healthy Soil

All calls listed above make specific reference to nature-based solutions and are an excellent opportunity for NbS researchers and practitioners of the field. Follow the links above to see requirements for submission. Learn more about the EU Mission Calls here.