URBiNAT is a 5-year EU Horizon 2020-funded project (2018-2023) targeting the regeneration and integration of social housing and city areas through co-creation of healthy corridors consisting of innovative and flexible NbS.

In partnership with an international network of cities, the project proposes new models of urban development in the public space encouraging positive social interactions and foster social cohesion in ways that enhance the well-being of the citizens. The cities of Porto, Nantes and Sofia act as "frontrunners", due to their innovative use of public space with nature-based solutions (NbS). The cities of Siena, Brussels, Nova Gorica and Høje-Taastrup, acting as "followers", share and replicate the URBiNAT concepts and methodologies. Moreover, the project collaborates with a network of non-European cities acting as "observers".

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