City-centered approach to catalyze nature-based solutions through the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse for pollution alleviation and regenerative development

UPSURGE is a four-year project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It provides a new development model for cities centred on Nature Based Solutions for renaturing urban space to decrease the impacts of climate change, mitigate air pollution and its health effects and reduce climate change stressors.

The main objective is to build the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse as a reference framework offering guided support on how tested and verified NbS can be implemented to solve the multitude of city problems. UPSURGE will provide fit for problem NbS together with supportive digital and governance solutions  for urban space regeneration deployed and tested in 5 real life demo cities in Europe. The project bridges the gap between the existing knowledge based on Nature Based Solutions and their step-by-step practical implementation for regenerative development of cities.

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