NetworkNature Annual Event Report: Upscaling nature-based solutions in policy and practice

This report was produced by NetworkNature to summarise the main outcomes of the NetworkNature Annual Event "Upscaling nature-based solutions in policy and practice", which took place on 27th September in Brussels. The event provided the opportunity to learn more about the state-of-the-art developments in NbS evidence, practice and policy, and focused on the NetworkNature semester theme “Nature-based solutions and Standards", the role of key stakeholder groups in a successful implementation of the EU Nature Restoration Law, and the outcomes and lessons learnt from some of the EU NbS projects. The event gathered the nature-based solutions community and other interested stakeholders from all target groups, including policymakers, scientific experts, civil society as well as investors and financing institutions, infrastructure planners and builders, landowners and natural resource managers to share and learn about the ways through which nature-based solutions can be upscaled, through policy and practice, and how different sectors can contribute.