URBAN GreenUP Nature-based solution catalogue

The target of this document is the definition of a catalogue of Nature Base Solutions (NBS) that includes all the possible characteristics (technical, economic, environmental, and social) of each one of them. In order to be able to select the best options to introduce them in the development of a RUP, allowing the definition of different scenarios, which have been evaluated to define its viability and impact to improve the behaviour of the city regarding the climate change challenges. During the process, features of each NBS identified have been taken into account, in order to be able to describe the impact of the technology on economic, environmental, social and aesthetical issues, for which it has been necessary to identify the KPIs that have been taking into account in each implementation for measuring the behaviour of NBS, as well as the qualitative features. On the other hand, the process of implementation and the stakeholders that take part in it has also been taken into account. This catalogue allows identifying solutions by taking different criteria depending on characteristics of the city/area, problems, challenges, budget, social issues, climate, previous experiences, etc.