Two Global Crises Interlinked — The need for balancing and win-win actions for nature and climate

From the Nordic Pavilion: Two global crises interlinked: biodiversity loss and climate change. Actions to mitigate one should not worsen the other. Two interactive panel debates considering examples that require the balancing of needs as well as win-win action for both climate and nature with the participation of policymakers and experts. First, a panel debate on the dilemma of balancing conservation and protection biodiversity whilst building offshore wind parks. The panel consists of Vestas, Danish youth delegates, a Danish government member, and others. Second a speaker from IPBES Denmark will share 8 cases and 10 policy options from the Nordic countries, proving that Nature-based solutions offer a way forward. We conclude with a panel discussion on the subject with panelists from IUCN (Europe), Miljødirektoratet (Norway), and others.