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CONEXUS – Laboratorio BioUrbano, Santiago de Chile

NBS governance workshop, Santiago+ Green Infrastructure Plan. Credits: Felipe Labrae, 2023

Within the CONEXUS project, Santiago’s Life-Lab, Laboratorio BioUrbano, is an inter-sectoral partnership between academics, public institutions, private actors, and civil society. With the aim of co-producing urban nature-based solutions (NbS) to address the important challenges faced by the city, it proposes a series of interlinked objectives:

  • Improving biodiversity, water and soil health, especially in relation to the design of green space, e.g. ensuring the presence and diversity of native plant species, or water management;
  • More equitable
  • ...

CONEXUS – Restoring, protecting, and maintaining thriving urban forests: three pilots in the city of São Paulo

Green Corridor between Ciência and Consciência Negra Parks. Photo credits: Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo, 2022.

The main objective of the São Paulo Life-Lab is to fast-forward the urban green transition by harnessing the ecosystem services of urban forests, and while doing so, tackling socio-environmental inequalities through NbS co-creation.

The Life-Lab thus aligns with the wider vision of São Paulo City to promote urban forests as global solutions to climate change and other sustainable development challenges, including with strategic policy agendas like the 'Municipal Plan for Protected Areas, Green Areas and Open Spaces', the 'Municipal Plan for the Conservation and Recovery of the...