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Aarhus – A City Perspective (REGREEN Urban Living Lab) - Denmark

Aarhus – A City Perspective (REGREEN Urban Living Lab) - Denmark

In the scope of the REGREEN project, the Aarhus Municipality aims to promote urban liveability, by systematically enhancing and restoring ecosystem services and biodiversity as the basis for Nature-based solutions (NbS):

In this regard, Aarhus aims to improve water quality, water flow management and carbon sequestration

Further objectives include heat mitigation as well as reforestation and renaturing activities of agricultural land to create urban forests, increase biodiversity sites and allow for open...

Reverse auction for biodiversity protection measures

Danish forest

This case study from the SINCERE project had the goal to: 

  • Inspire changes to existing public grant schemes for biodiversity protection on privately owned land by demonstrating in practice how a competitive bidding process can improve the coordination of nature conservation efforts, cost-effectiveness, and ownership among landowners.
  • Implement a reverse auction where forest owners respond to a fairly open call by offering biodiversity conservation measures that they decide themselves. In the
  • ...