Tracking strengths and weaknesses of Nature-based Solutions: Monitoring and evaluating urban ecosystem restoration projects

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 - 16:00 to 17:30 (Europe/Brussels) (Europe/Brussels)
Online webinar

Urban areas are under pressure: Climate change, pollution and the conversion of open spaces threaten human well-being and biodiversity. Nature-based Solutions, such as the (re)establishment of green areas, the restoration of rivers or the recovery of other degraded ecosystems, can help to address these challenges.

Nature-based solutions not only allow nature and biodiversity to thrive, they also cultivate shared places for dialogue and exchange between urban, peri-urban and rural populations and strengthen connectedness between people in urban settings - both to one another and to their natural environment.

Cities are increasingly recognising the potential of Nature-based Solutions and striving to restore, protect and increase access to urban green areas.

Monitoring and evaluating the multifunctional impacts of Nature-based Solutions are important steps to track the strengths and weaknesses of specific interventions and their performance in particular urban contexts.

This webinar will orient urban practitioners and stakeholders in evaluating their Nature-based Solutions by presenting a monitoring module developed within the INTERLACE project and by providing a practical example from Bogotá’s Botanic Garden.

●       Isabel Melo, Humboldt Institute Colombia, author of the “INTERLACE Pilot Assessment Framework for Restorative Nature-based Solutions”, will introduce the monitoring module of the assessment framework, which helps practitioners to evaluate and oversee Nature-based Solutions projects.

●       Martha Liliana Perdomo, General Director of the Botanic Garden of Bogotá, will share practical experiences in the monitoring and evaluation of Nature-based Solutions.

The event is part of Climate Alliance’s Annual International Conference, which takes place from 28 - 30 September 2022. It is free of charge and being held in English and Spanish, translation is provided.