GrowGreen aims to create climate-resilient, healthy, and liveable cities by investing in nature-based solutions (NbS). By embedding NbS in long term city planning, development and management, accessible green and blue spaces become a permanent feature of urban areas around the world, creating harmony between people, economy and the environment, for the benefit of all. The project GrowGreen worked with Manchester (UK), Valencia (Spain) and Wroclaw (Poland) to develop demonstration projects for nature-based solutions. In addition, GrowGreen worked with other three cities - namely Brest (FR), Modena (IT) and Zadar (HR) -  with similar climate challenges and supported them in developing their nature-based solutions strategies, creating a replicable city-level approach. Links were made with the city of Wuhan (China), as an inspiring example for their Chinese Sponge Cities Programme. GrowGreen was a five-year project, running from 2017 to 2022.

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