Global Nature Positive Summit 2024

Event posted by Rachelle Cividino
Tuesday, 8 October 2024 - 0:00 to Thursday, 10 October 2024 - 23:45 (Europe/Brussels)
Sydney, Australia

The Government of Australia and the Government of New South Wales will host the first Global Nature Positive Summit 2024 which aims to bring together climate, environment, and finance ministers; private sector leaders; Indigenous groups, including Australia’s First Nations peoples; scientists and academics; and community leaders to drive private sector investment to protect and repair the environment.

The Summit aims to inform the design of nature positive activities and will also share guidance for investors and project developers to encourage partnerships for developing country projects.

The best environmental and financial minds from every continent will showcase successful conservation and restoration activities. There will be guidelines on how these examples can be used to unlock new investment streams. The Summit will highlight the importance of clear and consistent policy settings. This aims to provide businesses the ability to invest in nature positive projects with confidence, and to be able to measure the value of these investments transparently and robustly. 

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