CLEVER Cities project aims to promote a unique, nature-based urban development, for sustainable and inclusive communities across Europe, Latin America, and China. The project aims to promote Nature-based Solutions and increase local awareness on the topic by highlighting the benefits of green spaces in urban settings. Within the framework of the urban regeneration process, local teams were established in Hamburg, London, and Milan to carry out these interventions in key districts. By understanding the challenges and lessons learned of these cities, other cities such as Sfântu Gheorghe and Quito gained insight on how to incorporate NbS into their own urban landscapes and incorporate natural elements like parks to not only solve urban problems but also meet local demands. To build sustainable governance, financing, and business models, the initiative brings together local experts and stakeholders to promote growth and innovation. These locally tailored approaches support cities' efforts to enhance social cohesion, public health, and economic opportunities. In addition to fostering a sense of community, the project helps them become more resilient to climate change.

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