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The main objective of the brand Abies Lagrimus is the rehabilitation of some Pyrenean traditional recipes through ranges of innovative products. These products come from natural resources, growing in the mountainous Pyrenean area. In this sector, cultural traditions are still very present. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the resources, the harvesting conditions are controlled and its recovery is respectful of the territory’s specificities (regional Natural Park).


Starting its activities in the 2010s, the firm Abies Lagrimus revived the traditional production of fir syrup (Abies alba), which is used for cooking as well as for prevention in winter in the Pyrenean. In the context of customer’s growing demands for natural, local and quality products, its developement years after years, has met the expectations and reached a wider and diverse public.

Main results: 

Following its creation in 2013, the firm started its activity relying on the fir syrup, which was a “forgotten” recipe that it put forward. In the next years, its development conducted to get an organic certification and thus enlarge its distribution network: pharmacies, specialized shops, delicatessen, restaurants. The collection of elaborated products was also diversified, in order to meet new expectations: liquor, vinegar, etc. Focusing on the image of a natural, local and traditional production, the firm has grown and increased its production capacity; up to developing an export activity at the present time.

Main practical recommendations: 

Abies Lagrimus presents numerous assets that match many customer’s expectations:

- A territorial establishment with enhancement of local emblematic resources of the natural area, harvested in a sustainable way.

- It contributes to preserve cultural and traditional heritage, reviving recipes that tend to disappear.

- Working on different ranges to enlarge its offer, the firm targets the originality and quality of its products.

Impacts and weaknesses: 

Due to an unknown first product and a restricted collection, the launch was quite slow and it took a few years to ensure regular activity, although the firm always had positive results. After seven years, its development is still going on and contact requests are increasing, proving clearly the interest of the products and methods. Such activity is creating a new economical local circuit, and enhances resources of the territory.

Future developments: 

The main objective of the firm is to continue in the actual way, developing its references in France and other parts of the world (North America, Asia, and Europe). It committed in several cooperative projects supported by the European Union and is also accompanied by the Occitan Region. The offer should pursue its diversification, especially with a selection of wild edible plants of the territory. This new activity will allow to hire an extra co-worker.

Abies Lagrimus

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Some products of the range developed by Abies Lagrimus (© Abies Lagrimus)