MicoQr: New App for the wild mushroom trading

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The main objective of this application is to provide companies in the mycological sector with a traceability management tool for the purchase of wild mushrooms and fresh truffles from the collector or producer. To identify one more agent in the traceability of the product, by including the collector of wild mushrooms and the space where they have been collected, favoring the control systems in food safety.


MicoQR is an application that allows companies to register their fresh mushroom purchases in the bush from different devices (Android), print the delivery note and batch labels for the boxes and send this information so that it can be controlled in real time from the office. The application allows searching, editing and exporting purchases and lots at www.micoqr.com, being able to identify them by their Reference printed on the labels and delivery note. This system manages all the traceability in the primary phase of the product, prior to the entry into production.

Main results: 

It is a commercial application that is being used by the main marketing and processing wild mushrooms and truffles companies, in Spain. The application is supported from devices with Android system (phone or tablet), being necessary the Internet connection only for data transmission tasks. The access to the information in the office is done through the web www.micoqr.com and allows the control and knowledge in real time of the quantities, varieties and qualities of the wild mushrooms bought.

The App has the possibility of printing delivery notes and labels, as well as a wireless Bluetooth printer for each device.

Main practical recommendations: 

It is a simple and intuitive application, supported from any Android mobile device that does not require high technical knowledge for its proper use. An important development for the company is the issuance of a document or delivery note with the data and digital signature of the supplier of the product, avoiding the tax problems to which the sector is subject. The knowledge in real time of the quantity, variety and quality of the product in origin facilitates the following processes of manufacture and can anticipate strategies of manufacture, conservation and commercialization.

Impacts and weaknesses: 

In addition to the management of batches and orders traceability, this application provides the possibility of managing the taxation of these purchases, applying and/or withholding taxes such as VAT and income tax. At present, this taxation is only valid for sellers who are registered in economic activities (farmers in the specific case of truffles). 

Future developments: 

An appropriate tax regime should be developed for this type of activity. Micoqr or similar systems will contribute to the management of commercial relations between harvesters and companies, favoring the market transparency.

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App purchase of wild mushrooms and truffles

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Informative flyer MicoQR
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Informative flyer MicoQR