Accelerating adaptation in Asia through large-scale Nature-based Solutions

Event posted by Elena Ricci
Monday, 1 November 2021 - 7:00 to 8:00 (Europe/Brussels) (Europe/Brussels)

With communities across the world suffering from the ever-increasing impacts of climate change, there is an urgent need to scale up investment in Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to accelerate adaptation. These impacts are being felt “most immediately and acutely through water”, yet there are few ambitious NbS projects that will restore the health of rivers and wetlands to build the resilience of communities, cities and companies to extreme floods, droughts, storms and rising seas. This session will showcase some examples of large-scale restoration via NbS in Asia - from Recharge Pakistan to the Mekong delta. Developed collaboratively, these will accelerate adaptation, while also restoring the health of freshwater and coastal ecosystems. Critically, they are initiatives that can be replicated in Asia and across the world. The session will involve speakers from the governments of Pakistan and Viet Nam as well as the Global Center on Adaptation, Ecoshape and WWF.