GPSC Webinar Series: Bringing Nature to Cities. Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Climate Change into EU Urban Planning and Policy


The World Bank’s webinar series Bringing Nature to Cities: Integrated Urban Solutions to Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change promotes integrated urban solutions for cities to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change. Co-hosted by the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC) and the Global Program on Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Resilience, the series of thematic events provides an online knowledge exchange platform connecting policymakers, practitioners, and experts to further mainstream biodiversity considerations into cities and development projects. NetworkNature hosted a session under its semester theme 'Nature-based Solutions for Ecosystem Restoration' in October 2021.

The session features experts Alice Reil, Coordinator for Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity, ICLEI Europe; Benjamin Caspar, Team Leader of Urban Environment Policy, DG Environment, European Commission; Gitty Korsuize, City Advisor on Green and Nature, City of Utrecht; Simona Collarini, Director, Urban Planning Department, City of Milan; João Cardoso de Melo, Ecological Infrastructure Management Director, Cascais Ambiente, Portugal and Holger Robrecht, Regional Deputy Director, ICLEI Europe. The experts discuss the international and european ecosystem restoration and climate targets, and how these can be tackled with actions implemented on the ground in cities and towns. Further discussion ensued on how can local and subnational policies, planning and practice to support such work. Watch the recording below.